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Rebellion Overruled

An Advent Devotional on Psalm 2.

Rebellion OverruledHow will future commentators and historians look back on 2020? What words will they use to describe this most unusual year? I doubt the word “humbling” will appear on their list, but it should. We can put a motor vehicle on Mars and unravel the mysteries of DNA. But one virus appears, and it effectively shuts down our entire world! I call that humbling. Reading Psalm 2 should have the same effect on us.

The Early Church interpreted this Psalm as Messianic and we can easily see why. The Psalm is full of Christ. No earthly king could ever say, “the ends of the earth are my possession” (8). Jesus Christ is “the Anointed” (2). He is the “Son” (7). This Psalm prophesies about the opposition Jesus would face and speaks of His sure and certain victory over evil.

In the first part the stage is set. We learn about hostility, not among man but between God and the “kings of the earth” (2). The rulers have joined arms in their hatred of Christ. What an apt description of what we see today. Presidents, prime ministers, and governments around the world are openly and unashamedly anti-Bible and anti-God. They desire freedom from the standards of Christ (3), but don’t realize that their desire for freedom will lead to bondage.

In heaven’s throne room the Lord laughs (verse 4). He laughs at the pride that fuels their rebellion. The kings are quite pleased with themselves, but foolish too. They have chosen to rebel against the only One who can rescue them. Kings will come and go, but the Father makes it clear that Christ remains forever (6). There is no referendum on His rule.

The movers and shakers of this world are warned (10). If they continue to revolt, they will be subject to the Father’s wrath. But there is hope. Every ruler who kneels down and acknowledges Christ’s sovereign kingship will live:  “Kiss the Son, lest he be angry” (12a). It is the kiss of adoration and of submission. At His feet is still the safest place on earth to be. “Blessed are all who take refuge in Him” (12b).