Nothing Is Impossible With God

mary-learns-of-christs-birth-from-angel-gabrielNothing would ever be the same. Gabriel’s announcement would turn Mary’s existence upside down, for the rest of her life."You will conceive and give birth to a son, and you will name him Jesus" (Lk. 1:31). 

The sudden appearance of the angel left her perplexed. But his message even more. Mary would conceive a child, but as a virgin. She would give birth to a son, but He would be the Son, the One would save the people from their sins (Mat. 1:21).

Gabriel’s subsequent portrayal of Jesus’ character and calling must have taken Mary’s breath away. “He will be great… the Son of the Most High… He will reign over the house of Jacob forever… of his kingdom there will be no end” (Lk. 1:32,33).

Remember, Mary was a young Jewish girl. She was betrothed to Joseph (Lk. 1:27), but according to Jewish customs at that time, this could occur as early as 13 years of age.

Mary is presented with a colossal test of faith.

The angel’s announcement is puzzling to Mary. “How can this be?” Short of a miracle, it is physically impossible to become pregnant as a virgin. Everyone knows this. That’s why it took an angelic messenger to convince Joseph. He didn’t buy into Mary’s story that she was with child from the Holy Spirit (Mat. 1:18-20).

Did Mary disbelieve God’s Word? No. Unlike Zacharias, she doesn’t ask for additional evidence (Lk. 1:18). Mary doesn’t question, she inquires. She doesn’t challenge the fact that it would happen. She humbly asks for clarification on how it would happen. Mary is simply wondering about the process by which this conception would take place.

Exercising faith doesn’t exclude the use of our minds. Christianity is not a celebration of ignorance. Knowledge matters (Rom. 10:2). The Bible calls studying God’s works a delightful venture (Ps. 111:2). God knows that our puny minds can struggle to wrap themselves around His revealed truth. He welcomes our probing and exploring.

Mary asked her faith-filled question and God responded. Gabriel disclosed that the Holy Spirit would overshadow her. We can wonder how much of an explanation Gabriel’s answer was to Mary (Lk. 1:35). It explained the “mechanics” of the virgin birth, but it undoubtedly still left her utterly amazed. And rightly so. Miracles defy natural logic.

But nothing is impossible with God (Lk. 1:37). This awe-inspiring statement brings Mary to her knees. "I am the servant of the Lord; let it be to me according to your Word” (Lk. 1:38).

Willinglly, Mary became the vessel for the conception and the birth of the God-Man, Jesus Christ. The one who would set sinners free. No, nothing is impossible with God. Absolutely nothing.