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Mary Did You Know?

pexels-yuri-manei-3131819Mary Did You Know? (Luke 1:46-56)

The song “Mary Did You Know?” is a well-known contemporary Christmas song that raises an intriguing question. What did Mary know about the child growing inside her? Luke tells us that when the shepherds left, Mary pondered all that had taken place (Luke 2:19). Mary had her thoughts. Our text unveils a few.

After her exchange with Elizabeth, Mary breaks out in song. Not a merry, feel good kind of a song but Bible-saturated worship! She refers to a variety of Old Testament passages. This young woman was familiar with God’s Word and its promises about the Messiah. Mary sings God’s own words back to Him.

In the first few verses Mary expresses how thrilled she is that the Lord selected her to be Jesus’ mother (vs.46-49). Do not think that saying “yes” to God’s plan was an easy thing. She knew that pregnancy before marriage would mean ridicule and rejection (John 8:41). And yet, knowing all this, she humbly celebrates the immense honor that God has bestowed on her.

But Mary is not self-absorbed. She rejoices that through her Son, God’s covenant promises for the nation Israel would be fulfilled (vs.54,55). And she believed that He would ultimately bless the entire world. God’s mercy is for all who fear him (v.50).

Mary understood that God loves to give Himself to those who are aware of their need. Not the powerful and the proud, not the ones who trust in their wealth (vs.51-53). He is the merciful Savior of the weak, the needy and the spiritually hungry. And this fills Mary with joy, great joy (vs.46,47).

We do not worship Mary, but we can admire her. She was a woman of the Word, of faith, of humility, and of true self-knowledge. She rejoiced in God her Savior (v.47). Mary knew that, in the words of the songwriter, “the child she would deliver, would soon deliver her”.