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Marriage Inventory

marriagePre-marital inventories are pretty popular. They can be a helpful tool as couples identify strengths and potential risks for their marriage, especially when they are part of a Biblical framework. If you strive to have a God-honoring marriage, it’s important to evaluate where you’re at.

For some reason, many couples don’t continue this habit after they’ve exchanged their vows. This is very unfortunate. Getting married is one thing, staying married is a different story. If we desire our marriages to be strong, if we want to reflect Christ, periodic marriage inventory can be a blessing.

The goal must not be to vent frustrations. The purpose is to say “thank you Lord” for where you see Him at work, to pinpoint areas of needed growth and to prayerfully consider ways to move in that direction. It’s to be an honest exchange before the Lord who knows the heart of men, remembering that love is to be our first responsibility and Scripture our ultimate guide.

Here are 10 questions that can spark such a conversation: 

  1. Do we pray and read the Bible together?
  2. Do we ask for forgiveness when we’ve sinned against each other?
  3. Are we able to talk through a difference of opinion?
  4. Do we share enough about our individual struggles and joys?
  5. Are we satisfied with the level of communication in our marriage?
  6. Is our physical relationship mutually satisfactory?
  7. Do we express enough appreciation for each other?
  8. Do we share a common vision for raising our children?
  9. Are we sensitive enough to the needs of people around us?
  10. Is Christ the center of our marriage and family?