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In Our Place

PngItem_212191Advent Devotonial on Hebrews 7:23-28

After Jesus’ death and resurrection, He ascended into heaven. There the Father exalted His Son by seating Him at His right hand (Eph. 1:20). This very moment, Jesus is interceding on our behalf before the Father.

As our high priest He is able to save us completely (v.25). Not that we are partially saved. Our redemption is secured by the perfect, once for all sacrifice of the Son (v.27). “Completely” means “to the uttermost”. Every nook and cranny of our sinful heart is swept clean by the blood of Jesus.

Do you truly believe that? What about that skeleton in your closet that no one else knows about? What about those days when your failures follow one another like the rounds of a machine gun? Have you ever felt so bad, so condemned that you tried to make up for your sins by doing some good work? Jesus does not save for the most part. He saves completely, perfectly, and for all eternity.

Jesus’ death on the cross secured our redemption, His intercession in heaven applies it. As Dane Ortlund puts it in his wonderful book Gentle and Lowly: “Intercession is the constant hitting of ‘refresh’ of our justification in the court of heaven”.

The Father’s gaze is averted away from our sins (-past, present, and future) to the matchless perfection of His Son. And the accusations of Satan (Rev. 12:10) are not permitted as evidence against us because Jesus drank the cup of God’s wrath over our sin even to the last drop. I cannot think of a better representative in the courtroom of heaven. Can you?