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Five Helpful Articles for Parents

people-eyes-playing-young-largeAs a father I am on the lookout for Biblical and practical input on my role as a parent. Books are great, but time consuming, especially for busy parents! But here are five short articles that I found worth my while. They address different parenting issues in a thought provoking and helpful way.

Ed Welch is a speaker, author and counselor. His blogpost “Successful Parenting” will guide your thinking on what effective parenting looks like. Parents ought to be geared to what makes their children thrive.

Scripture mandates parents to require obedience from their children. Pastor John Piper’s passionate plea “Parents, Require Obedience From Your Children” grew out of his observation that many young children pay no attention to their parents’ request with no consequences. 

In “When a Child Says I Don’t Know” counselor Julie Lowe addresses the issue of communication. We want our children to be honest and open so that we can encourage and help them. But what do you do when the child gives the notorious “I don’t know” response to your questions?

Tedd Tripp’s fascinating article “Are You Too Concerned With Your Child’s Behavior?” challenges us not to be satisfied with behavior modification. We should aim for the heart. Ted Tripp is author of “Shepherding a Child’s Heart, an excellent book on parenting.

Finally, a recent article from David Matthis, Executive Director of Desiring God. He points out that our sin can get in the way of our calling as parents. “Parenting is First About our Sin” will remind you that the work God is doing in us is vital to our being an useful instrument of His work in our children.