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A Letter to the Pastor

typewriter-keys-mechanically-lettersDear Pastor,

I am sending you this letter to explain my regular absence from the Sunday morning service. In my opinion it’s permissible to be absent from the church service for the following reasons:

• Christmas (the Sunday before and after)
• Easter (we’re on vacation that weekend)
• Super Bowl Sunday (need to get ready for the party)
• End of the school year (our children need a break)
• Beginning of the school year (one last weekend to relax)
• Family reunion (of both my wife and myself)
• Sleeping in (Saturday night activities)
• Anniversary (we always go away for the weekend)
• Sickness (once per year, per family member)
• Vacation (three weeks)
• Bad weather (rain, snow, ice)
• Unexpected guests (can’t leave them alone)
• Daylight saving time (both winter and summer)
• Special TV program the night before (went to bed too late)

This means that two Sundays are left Pastor. You can expect us to attend the service the fourth Sunday of February and the third Sunday of August, unless we face circumstances beyond our control.

A faithful church member

No, I didn’t receive this letter for real and yes, I admit it’s somewhat comical. But I do think it hits on something that is a sad reality in the Church of Christ: a loose commitment to church attendance. The author of Hebrews tells us that as we move closer to Christ’s return, our gatherings (which is not limited to, but should definitely include Sunday morning worship) ought to be more frequent (Heb. 10:25), not less. We simply don’t function well without being fed from the Word and fellowship with other believers.

Of course there can be legitimate reasons for not attending church. That’s not the issue. But it is about priority, about desire, about love for the saints and above all else our God. I know, church attendance doesn’t equal godliness, but it sure is one important means to acquire it.