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The God Who Sees

"What's in a name?" Shakespeare exclaimed. Well, a lot actually. That's why you and I raise our eyebrows when we find out that parents named their child Hashtag, Phelony, Ikea, Adorabell or Shady. Do they have any idea what they've just done to their son or daughter? We feel bad for these kids because we know your name is a big deal. Names are a big deal in the Bible too....

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Your Best Resolution

Jesus said: "Man must not live on bread alone, but on every word, that comes from the mouth of God" (Mat. 4:4). If we don't eat food, our bodies become weak and sickly. It works the same way in the spiritual realm. But digesting the Bible doesn't only make us strong, we also need it to fight temptation successfully (Ps. 119:105) and to be wise (Ps. 19:7-11). God hasn't tol...

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Keep It Simple

The John's Phone claims to be the world's most basic cell phone. It has no camera, internet access or ability to send or receive text messages but it can make and receive calls anywhere in the world. Standby time is more than three weeks. The phone's single ringtone has three volume settings: loud, normal and silent. A nifty address book is built into the back of the devic...

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Nothing Is Impossible With God

Nothing would ever be the same. Gabriel's announcement would turn Mary's existence upside down, for the rest of her life."You will conceive and give birth to a son, and you will name him Jesus" (Lk. 1:31). The sudden appearance of the angel left her perplexed. But his message even more. Mary would conceive a child, but as a virgin. She would give birth to a son, but He wo...

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Simplify Christmas, Magnify Christ

Christmas is a time of great excitement and good cheer. But it also presents Christians with a sizable challenge. How do we keep the birth of Jesus front and center when we live a world that has turned Christmas into a commercial and sentimental circus? How can we enjoy this time of year but not join the merry-go-round the world offers us? It is no small challenge, at lea...

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Is There Still Hope For Me?

She was in shock. The slippery slope of sin had brought her to a place where she thought she would never be. She knew her heart was capable of evil, but now the wickedness of her soul stared at her point-blank, dark and deep. It felt like the fingers of sin had grabbed her by the throat, squeezing out every breath of faith and future. Who hasn't been at the end of this ro...

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Why We Don't Witness

Research shows that most Christians believe that God calls them to have Gospel conversations with unbelievers. But there is a pretty large gap between theory and practice. Lifestyle evangelism, showing Jesus by the way we live and the choices we make, is one thing. The verbal articulation of the Gospel to someone else is quite another. What is behind our hesitancy? And wha...

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A Daily Dose of the Gospel

We never outgrow the need for the Gospel. Jesus' death and resurrection is not the ABC of the Christian life but the A-Z. God strengthens us through the Gospel until the day we die. Our calling and identity are rooted in Him.Therefore, we must daily preach the Gospel to ourselves. But what does this look like? How does the Gospel make a difference on let's say, Monday mor...

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Care for Your Conscience

Our conscience is a wonderful gift from God. Every person comes equipped with one (Rom. 2:15). Conscience is "God's watchman and spokesman in the soul" (J.I. Packer), generally reliable but not perfect. It can misfire, excusing our actions when they should be accused and accuse us when nothing is the matter. When shaped and ruled by God it will help us live worthy of the G...

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Black, White and Gray

Many decisions we make as Christians involve areas or activities that are not explicitly addressed in the Bible. They are often referred to as the "gray" areas. How do we discern right from wrong when the Bible doesn't take a stand or never even addresses the issue? Let's not muddy the waters here. In many cases there should be no question to begin with. Lots of things a...

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