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On Discerning the Will of God

Over the years, I have sought God's guidance in different fork in the road moments. In a few cases this has led to huge life changes. I believe that on occasion God directed me to a specific decision through a particular text in the Bible. This may sound puzzling to you, because we all know that the particulars of my life are not found on the pages of the Bible. It may als...

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Bleeding Bible

"Now in those days the counsel that Ahithophel gave was as if one consulted the word of God" (2 Sam. 16:23). Wouldn't it be amazing to have someone in your world who would be this full of God's truth? No wonder that this man was esteemed highly both by King David and his son Absalom. This verse makes me think about a comment the great preacher Charles Spurgeon (1834-1892)...

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Seven Questions to Ask Yourself When You Don’t Read the Bible

Diagnosis: "The act of identifying a disease, illness, or problem by examining someone or something" (Source: Merriam-Webster's Learner's Dictionary). What if the "problem" you're dealing with is spending little to no time in the Word of God? What could be the cause? What kind of "virus" may attack your spiritual health? Perhaps these questions can help in making a diagno...

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Reading the Bible Through the Lens of the Gospel

It's unfortunate that many believers don't read the Old Testament. As part of God's inspired writings (2 Tim. 3:16) it offers much to followers of Jesus today. The Gospel message of grace didn't drop out of the sky in Matthew 1:1; it is sprinkled throughout the entire Old Testament. God preached the Gospel beforehand to Abraham (Gal. 3:8) and Jesus said to the religious l...

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