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Archives for August 2017

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Care for Your Conscience

Our conscience is a wonderful gift from God. Every person comes equipped with one (Rom. 2:15). Conscience is "God's watchman and spokesman in the soul" (J.I. Packer), generally reliable but not perfect. It can misfire, excusing our actions when they should be accused and accuse us when nothing is the matter. When shaped and ruled by God it will help us live worthy of the G...

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Parents, Talk With Your Children

We all know that the best type of communication is not a monologue, but in the world of parenting it often is. We tell our children to clean up their toys, eat with their mouth closed and stop teasing their sibling. It is not wrong to talk to our children. They need to hear our instruction, correction (and encouragement!). The problem is that we talk so little with our chi...

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Faithful Church

On July 15th and 16th of this year, our church celebrated its 250th anniversary. We commemorated that on July 16, 1767, thirteen men and women signed a covenant establishing, what was then called, the Baptist Church of Montague. Our historical documents speak of great joys and incredible breakthroughs during those 250 years. For example, from 1830-1843 the church enjoyed ...

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